• Parenthood Ain’t What It Used To Be


    The following age was carried by Sigmund Freud’s concepts towards reasoning with kids to aid them end up being with the ability of loving leisure together with work informative individuals,. About the “traditional” side are individuals who support firmness and “difficult love” with kids. Ultimately for the “avant garde” there’s plenty of guidance on the […]

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  • Things to Do in case Your Teen Runs Into Trouble Online

    protecting youth on the web

    Just as much as we all would prefer to always assume that are kids are safe when using the world wide web, there are specific scenarios that may, sadly, appear. It’s important to keep in mind that most youth make use of the web to make new buddies or to talk to their buddies, not only to […]

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  • Old School…New School…

    Kids will be kids… For the most part, kids today are just like the kids we grew up with – and used to be… Speaking for myself, when I was a teen, I would pass the occasional mean note about a classmate, I was curious about sex, I was tempted to shoplift, I wanted to […]

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    Anxiety is a psychological phenomenon that may occur to anybody. People who are anxious tend to ventilate their feeling of aggression through smoking. As a matter of fact, over millions of people suffering from intense anxiety enjoys smoking tobacco. This is because tobacco contains substances that can provide instant relief from anxiety. However, this physiologic […]

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    A COEDUCATIONAL CRYING workshop will be offered next semester by Dr. Rollo Fresher, of the Floating College of Life. The course will incorporate recent crying research by the Psychiatry Research Laboratory at St. Paul, Minnesota, and will address the topics itemized below. Enrollment will be limited. Students are asked to submit a lacrimate vitae of […]

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  • Video Monitors

    video monitor

    Unlike a plasma television that offers the danger of burn-in, you can learn how to use you LCD TV as a video monitor. It makes for a clear and crisp picture to go with yoru computer or video games. The versatility of an LCD TV is perhaps what makes it most attractive to many buyers. […]

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  • Facebook Not a Global Attraction


    If you thought Facebook ruled the world – think again. Despite the fact the social networking site attracts more than 450,000 new users a day, Facebook just can’t catch on in countries like Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ireland, Kenya, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The reason, BusinessWeek reports, is because most of these countries have their own local social […]

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  • Amazon’s Kindle 2: Bad for Books?

    People either love it or hate it. Oprah loves hers, promclaiming it her “new favorite thing in the world.” Novelist Stephen King is also evidently a fan, writing a novella entitled “UR” exclusively for the wireless electronic reader. King was also on hand when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially introduced the new version of the […]

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  • Teen Starvation for a Good Cause?

    teen starvation for a good cause

    I’m all for making statements and promoting a good cause – but I think this is a little extreme. Massachusetts teen, Priya Suntharalingam of Winchester High School, has not eaten a meal in eleven days. She’s living off water, vitamins, and Gatorade all to raise awareness for what’s happening to her countrymen in Sri Lanka. […]

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  • MP3 Players a Vital Tool for Sick Children


    Kids MP3 players. They are used. They are abused. They are oh-so popular. As any teen will tell you  – you are simply not cool without one. From the Apple iPod Classic  to the SanDisk Sansa MP3 Player to the Zune 120 Video MP3 Player – there’s an MP3 player for everyone. But popularity aside, media players are also proving to […]

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